The NOT Unexpected Rise of Communism in America

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While there are varied definitions of communism the following best captures the current situation in America:

“A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.” The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

Though many would argue that isn’t the case, it appears to be rearing its head now following this last General Election and considering the concerted efforts by Corporate Media, Big-Tech and even our Intelligence Agencies, it’s getting harder to deny.

What began as a covert subversion of our institutions, bureaucracies, media and even our national identity, has now manifested into an all-out public assault against our own citizenry who maintain a sense of patriotism grounded in our founding principles. Indeed, the above mentioned have precipitated a National crisis all whilst claiming the moral high ground with virtually no push-back.

It’s not because of a lack of outcry, but rather, no medium in which to amplify any tangible opposition. The bias is so obvious you’d have to be blind to deny it. Up until recently, America engaged civilly in differing views and worked toward a middle ground. That is no longer the case.

It’s important here to note some of the basic tenants of The Communist Manifesto, a pamphlet produced by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in 1848:

·        Abolition of Property

·        Heavy/Progressive Taxes

·        Abolition of Inheritance

·        Confiscation of Property of all Emigrants and Rebels

·        Central Banking

·        State-Controlled Communication and Transportation

·        State-Controlled Education of Children

One can readily see that some of these are prevalent in our own society.

The most obvious of these and perhaps most damaging, was The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, passed December 23rd of said year via Woodrow Wilson and Congress. To grasp the magnitude of this, Wilson had written in his book, The New Freedom, released earlier the same year the following:

“The great monopoly in this country is the monopoly of big credits. So long as that exists, our old variety and freedom and individual energy of development is out of the question. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men who, even if their action be honest and intended for the public interest, are necessarily concentrated upon the great undertakings in which their own money is involved and who necessarily, by very reason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom.” (pg. 185)

This is a man many proclaimed, and still do, an intellectual. A man who decried our Founders and Framers as somehow ‘bereft’ of his own prowess, but yet, introduced usury at the Federal level for all to reap the ‘benefit’, of which we still continue to do so to this day, hence the never-ending debt.

But the real transformation of our country began twenty years later under FDR via his ‘New Deal’ and subsequent Executive Orders. Some will argue the necessity of his actions, especially given The Great Depression, but one need only look back twenty years to see that which drove it.

Ironically, most Americans acknowledge FDR as one of our ‘greatest’ presidents, even though he formally recognized the Soviet Union November 16, 1933. To understand the significance of this, the four presidents before him had not, for they recognized the dangers of normalizing relations with such a murderous regime.

Brief background: Lev Davidovich Bronstein (known as Leon Trotsky), funded by Jacob Schiff (a banker, businessman and philanthropist) eventually joined Lenin (whom he had previously been against). Together these two overthrew one of the last if not only, Christian nations of the Euro-Asian continent, exacting a holocaust of the highest order that stretched many years, nations and peoples, including the Royal Family (this last conveniently referred to as Tsarist Russia). Indeed, confiscation of goods eventually turned into starvation, which in turn brought cannibalization throughout many affected regions so that these ‘revolutionaries’ could claim victory whilst growing monstrously rich.

Ultimately, Lenin died and Stalin (who’d been involved earlier) took over and eventually had a falling-out with Trotsky and exiled him in 1929. After living abroad for years, Trotsky ended up dead in Mexico in 1940, after being brutally attacked with an ice axe to his skull, dying a day later from exsanguination and shock, compliments of Stalin and his reprobates. Nevertheless, FDR not only validated, but ultimately sided with these Marxist-Bolsheviks and Communist-Partisans during World War 2, along with the rest of the Allies.

FDR was an ambitious man who actually admired communism; his legacy speaks for itself and his monument at the National Mall stands in stark contrast with others who are represented there. After all, he helped bring the United Nations into being; whose charter greatly mirrored that of the Soviet Union and has changed very little since. Indeed, he vastly increased the power and scope of the Federal Government during his first term via The New Deal, to the extent of effectuating societal reliance upon government which continues to this day. A number of new departments (well over 60) sprung up during his time to control vast aspects of the American life and eventually became known as the ‘Alphabet Agencies’. As if this weren’t enough, he then tried to expand the Supreme Court under the guise of promoting efficiency. It’s plausible he was upset when the SCOTUS declared his National Industrial Recovery Act unconstitutional; either way, his power-grab of the country resulted in a Democratic majority for decades.

Meanwhile, as World War 2 played out, the ever-expanding communist threat upon European countries continued unabated, with financial and military backing from the Allies. Once the outcome became obvious, FDR and Churchill met with Stalin in what is known as the Yalta Conference, February 4-11, 1945. There, they discussed postwar reorganization of Germany and Europe. In effect, the Allies handed the vast majority of the aforementioned to Stalin and his pillaging forces, thus guaranteeing the spread of communism for years to come.

Shortly after the conference concluded the bombing of Dresden occurred, February 13-15, 1945, compliments of Churchill and FDR. This remains a contentious event, with all sides telling a different story. However, the bombing occurred and tens of thousands of innocent civilians were intentionally targeted, similar to already well-established communist tactics.

Regardless of what transpired above, another very interesting event took place not long after FDR had expired: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima, August 6, 1945 and Nagasaki, August 9, 1945. This was after a firebombing campaign of over 60 other Japanese cities. Here again the world witnessed the targeting of tens of thousands of innocent civilians; no doubt Stalin was proud of his protégés.

The subsequent decades have seen America involve itself with a slew of other countries, yet somehow communism has always prevailed: China, North Korea, Vietnam and Nepal to name some. Or the factionalism of once sovereign nations, as seen throughout the Middle East, for any number of reasons; usually oil or non-participation of said nation with the central banks of the world. Add to this all the European nations who’ve forfeited their own sovereignty over the last six decades.

Though a number of crises have faced the world over the last twenty years, two stand out: mass immigration and health epidemics.

Mass Immigration has devastated the whole of the European continent and is breaking out again throughout the North American continent. Yet, our ‘elected’ leaders try in vain to have us think otherwise, namely labeling the opposition as racist or xenophobe. Somehow countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Israel and a host of others, don’t have this problem.

SARS, MERS and now Covid-19 all have their origins in China. Yet, the world has never attempted to hold them reasonably accountable but rather, have made excuses for them.

Throughout all of this, the American government has continued to expand its power, persecute its objectors and prosecute those who would expose it. The only manifest difference now is the added capacity of Corporate Media and Big-Tech.

For those not privy to the tactics being utilized, I’ve added the below:

Common Communist tactics:

·        Corruption of the young

·        Destroy religious belief  

·        Make people superficial

·        Destroy individualism

·        Preach democracy whilst seizing power

·        Destroy credibility

·        Promote fear via crisis

·        Confiscate firearms

Further, The Biderman Report of 1956 provided a Chart of Coercion titled “Communist Coercive Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance”. In short, the following were laid out in great detail:

·        Isolation

·        Monopolization of Perception

·        Induced Debility and Exhaustion

·        Threats

·        Occasional Indulgences

·        Demonstrate Omnipotence

·        Degradation and Enforcing trivial demands

I’ve included a primer in understanding Communist tactics, explained in great detail by Yuri Bezmenov.

I’ve also included an interesting interview with Bill Maher and Michael Scheuer (former CIA Head of the Bin Laden unit).

I’ll leave you with a quote from Anthony J. Hilder, who appears to be exact, though most have labeled him a conspiracy theorist. Either way, food for thought…

“Communism is not the creation of the masses to overthrow the banking establishment, it’s a creation of the banking establishment to overthrow and enslave the masses.”