I’ve traveled around the world multiple times and I’ve experienced a great many things. I’ve worked for the federal government, in one capacity or another for thirty years and, having now retired, am back to my first love; History. I am not an elite journalist as many are on this platform. However, I believe sharing a ‘common citizen’ perspective will be just as engaging, perhaps more so. Disclaimer: I don’t subscribe to the 2-Party Lie, nor do I suffer the psychologically impaired.

I’m here because a realization occurred to me after 9/11; corporate media thrived on propagating fear. Specifically, at that time, convincing the American audience how fearful they were of ‘terrorists’ and then, later down the road, labeled said audience ‘xenophobes’ to one degree or another.

I’ve watched this predictable cycle play out over and over again, year after year, issue after issue, as if corporate media were the ‘moral compass’ to which society should align itself.

Now, having witnessed corporate media shamelessly engage in selective-hypocrisy, double standards and daily hysterics for the last 6-ish years, I’d like to have a voice…a free voice.  Substack provides that and I’m grateful for it and I’ve no intention of abusing that privilege.

I plan to write as often as possible and I thank you for taking the time to read, cheers!